Invitation for An International Conference on

the Development of Complex Societies in Eastern China

(Second Round)

The Oriental Archaeology Research Center of Shandong University

              27 Shanda Nanlu, Jinan, Shandong Province  250100

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Dear Colleague,


We are glad seeing a warm reaction after sending out the first round invitation. As you all know that China met with the SARS this spring unexpectedly. Concerning about everybody’s safety and health, we have been paid much attention to the new information on disease controlling. World Health Organization declared to quash traveling warning of whole country yesterday. It indicates that the SARS has been controlled effectively. Based on the situation above, after consulting with some scholars, the conference organizer makes the decision that the conference will be held. However, considering foreign attendees’ should have more time for their visas, the conference has to be put off one month late.


The following is the new arrangement of the conference:


1) Conference agenda

Oct. 25, Saturday, register. Place: Xueren Hotel in university campus.

Oct. 26, Sunday, A.M, opening ceremony and meeting discussing.

P.M, visit museums and institute in Ji’nan

Oct. 27, Monday, Group discussing.

Oct. 28, Tuesday, Meeting discussing and closure ceremony

Oct. 29, Academic Tour: visit Linzi and Chengziya sites.


2) Thesis Abstract

Please send us your thesis abstract before August 31 (those who have mailed abstracts already do not need send it again). Email abstract will be welcome.


3) Travel after the conference

We will cooperate with travel agency to organize a tour after the conference. Please choose a traveling line (see return receipt below).


Each Attendee will pay his/her own expenses for transportation and hotel. The conference will pay for food and a tour of local sites and museums during the meeting. The autumn is the best season of Spring City, Jinan. We really hope you can attend the conference.


Best wishes,


Oriental Archaeology Research Center of Shandong University

Ancient Civilization Research Center of CASS

Shandong Provincial Archaeology Institute

June 24, 2003

Invitation for An International Conference on

the Development of Complex Societies in Eastern China

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Contact information


Mailing address:




Email address:


Paper topic



Travel lines

Line A


(around 2 days)



Line B

Qingdao-Yantai-Weihai (around 3 days)





Please mail the form and abstract (on another sheet of paper) to the following address before August 31, 2003.

Contact Person: Fang Hui and Chen Shuqing

Mailing address:

The Archaeology Research Center, Shandong University

27 Shanda Nanlu

Jinan, Shandong Province, China.


Tel: 86-5318366149/8565268

Fax: 86-5318565268