Prof. Richard Pearson Donated Books to our Center


    More than 40 pieces of books, donated by Prof. Richard Pearson, arrived in our center recently.

       Prof. Pearson is a well-known archaeologist. Studied with Prof. K.C.Chuang in his early life, he received his Ph.D in Yale University, then to be a professor for a long time at University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada. He is one of rare archaeologists who have great contribution to East Asian Archaeology in North America. The Department of anthropology in UBC has close relation with our center. Prof. Fang Hui has visited the university several time invited by Prof. Pearson before.

      The donated books are around 40 in total. Most of them are about lab technique, zooarchaeology, botany archaeology, etc. At present, these books have been collected into reference library of archaeology research center. (Qian Yihui)